Filosofia produttiva - Ciabot Berton

Passion for our terroir has led to the production of wines that stand the test of time, regardless of passing trends.

We believe in a productive approach in which the tradition and experience of five generations merge synergistically with the ability to innovate.

We believe in respecting the land and the vineyards and we follow the natural rhythms of each one, so that each wine can aspire to being unique, a specific expression of the terroir and the vintage. From pruning to harvesting, each subzone is accompanied on a journey aimed at identifying and enhancing its innate peculiarities.

This is why we vinify the various plots separately, one grape variety at a time, with the aim of making the multiple nuances given to us by the terroir recognisable. The challenge is to bring to the glass wines that communicate the intrinsic characteristics of each grape, the soil and the climate, making us translators of the countless different aspects of the Langa area.

Filosofia produttiva - Ciabot Berton

Since the 1990s, we have managed our vineyards in compliance with integrated pest control regulations, adopting an approach that is always attentive to the theme of eco-sustainability.

We apply many of the techniques typical of organic farming, such as cover crops, green manure, sexual confusion and preferential use of copper and sulphur, and we approach each vineyard individually, aiming to identify its specific needs, with the utmost respect for biodiversity.

We believe that it takes three essential ingredients to make a great wine: the grape, the soil and the touch of the winemaker. This is why we take the greatest care over our work in the vineyard, always mindful of the seasons and the characteristics of each vineyard, paying attention to the slow and complete ripening of the grapes, convinced that this is the only way that the fruit of our labours can reach its finest expression in the glass.