Vini Ciabot Berton

Wines with character, the authentic expression of a charming terroir.

Ciabot Berton | Barolo Roggeri
Barolo Roggeri

Characterised by virile and imposing tannins, Barolo Roggeri is a strong and steadfast, intense and elegant wine.

Ciabot Berton | Barolo Rocchettevino
Barolo Rocchettevino

A perfect balance of balsamic and mineral qualities paints the personality of Barolo Rocchettevino, an austere and refined expression of Nebbiolo.

Ciabot Berton | Barolo 1961
Barolo Ciabot Berton 1961

This wine has been telling the wonderful story of a territory and the three vineyards that make it up for over 50 years, offering the palate sophistication and surprising balance.

Ciabot Berton | Barolo del comune di La Morra
Barolo La Morra

A perfect combination of power and elegance in a succession of sweet and delicate scents of violet and withered rose, with slight balsamic sensations and spicy touches.

Langhe Nebbiolo 3 Utin

An ethereal and graceful wine, it captivates with its intense floral and spicy notes combined with a warm, dry and extremely pleasant taste.

Barbera d’Alba Bricco S.Biagio

With its impressive impact and enveloping nature, Barbera Bricco San Biagio displays all the beauty of the personality of a historic vineyard that is over 60 years old.

Barbera d’Alba Fisetta

A wine grown in young vineyards which give it freshness, good acidity and distinct hints of fresh fruit.

Dolcetto d’Alba Rutuin

Classic Dolcetto but with personality, characterised by evident floral and fruity notes. Ageing exclusively in steel gives it a pleasant crispness.

Langhe Favorita Alissa

A tangy and fragrant mineral wine, with aromas of white flowers and fruit; very balanced and pleasant, it is a good accompaniment to Piedmontese cuisine.

Langhe Rosato Le Macaline

A wine that seduces with its decidedly fruity, fresh and harmonious character, clearly distinguished by primary aromas of red fruit, strawberry and spices.