Vigneto Bricco San Biagio - Ciabot Berton

San Biagio hill stands opposite the winery, and here we have three hectares of vineyards exposed to the south and south-west.

Much of this land is home to forty-year-old vineyards of Nebbiolo da Barolo.

The lightness of the soil, due to the presence of sandy veins, gives the wine produced from these rows of vines a variegated range of floral aromas, which come together in a Barolo of great elegance and finesse.

Next to the Nebbiolo vineyards there is a small plot of Barbera which measures about 0.3 hectares and was planted after the Second World War: the resulting wine is structured, concentrated and intensely fruity.

Bricco San Biagio - Mappa Masnaghetti

Taken from the book “Barolo MGA, l’Enciclopedia delle Grandi Vigne del Barolo” by Alessandro Masnaghetti – published by Enogea – All rights reserved