Ciabot Berton Cantina a La Morra, Piemonte, Italia
Ciabot Berton: Wines and vineyards in the heart of Barolo, La Morra. The Oberto family and Cellar, biologic agriculture techniques


We run our business by fusing the traditions of the vineyard and the winery, which we learned by working alongside our father Luigi, and applying the knowledge of new techniques and production methods learned during our years of studying. Our aim is to make wines that not only satisfy our taste, but which also transmit to those who taste them the passion that goes into the work as well as the richness that this land yields to our wines. Their qualities will endure through time, regardless of fashion trends.

To this end, we are fully involved in all decisions concerning the vineyard and vinification. For this reason our wines are unique, and a direct expression of the terroir, the vintage year of production and our method of working.

Because we dedicate a considerable amount of our time to the work in the vineyard, we are fully aware of the importance of these lands and vineyards, and of the need to treat them with respect and to maintain their natural rhythms, and to safeguard their heritage of landscape and environment.

We adopt many of the techniques of biological agriculture, though without having opted for certification. The reason for this choice is linked to the risk, fortunately a remote one, that the inclemency of the weather in certain years might compromise the entire crop. In the vineyard we allow the wildflowers and weeds to grow naturally, with occasional scything to restore the nourishment of the soil We only fertilise the vineyards that have been stressed, using cow manure. We take extreme care in maintaining the stakes so that the stems grow straight and the bunches of grapes do not touch one another. At the end of July we thin out the bunches to allow the fruit of each plant to ripen in the best conditions; in September we cut back the leaves in order to give the grapes the best exposure to the sun and reduce the risk of mould. In this way the vineyard is maintained in equilibrium, and the vines get stronger and are less in need of protection. We have thus been able to reduce pesticides to a minimum, preferring to use copper and sulphur solutions.

Lastly, we pay a lot of attention to the ripening phase of the grapes, by checking the sugar and acidity levels after the veraison or colour change stage, and controlling the polyphenol profiles of the Nebbiolo. Running an occasional risk, we leave the grapes to ripen for as long as possible, because we are convinced that only the correct, slow, and controlled ripening can yield a great Barolo. This philosophy is giving us satisfaction, and our clientele and enthusiasts regularly confirm their increasing appreciation of the results.

Marco e Paola Oberto



History of the Ciabot Berton cellar



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